IFOA (IT) is a training and consultancy centre of the Chambers of Commerce, with 10 sites over the Italian territory, private, not for profit. Born in 1972, we are appointed by the Italian Ministry of Labour for active labour policies and activities in favour of migrants. Standing out as one of the leading private training centres in Italy, we deliver traditional and blended-learning post-diploma (EQF 5) and post-graduate (EQF 6 and 7) programs for young unemployed, as well as lifelong training, consultancy and technical assistance to individuals, businesses and public bodies.
Over 21.000 trainees -young and adult- attend our courses every year, with a coherent employment rate over 78% after 6 months. Among them, 6.000 apprentices and over 3.000 internships stand out (data 2016). Taking advantage from a network of over 10.000 active partner companies and over 1.000 trainers, we are also involved at international level since 1993, leading and participating in over 200 projects within and outside the EU.

UC-RER (IT) is the regional association of the Chambers of Commerce of Emilia-Romagna, gathering 9 local chambers in one of the most developed and active EU regions. Member of Eurochambres, partner in the SIMPLER Consortium of EEN network (, it also operates as a regional economy and labour observatory (market analyisi, reserach and studies, forecasts, databank, etc.). It gathers over 430.000 companies, 97% of which have less than 20 employees. Its monthly magazine reaches over 11.000 SMEs.

AL HH (DE) is a not for profit charitable educational institution, appointed by DGB, the national association of trade unions. It coordinates the experiences of apprenticeship training with the experiences and needs of the state-run vocational schools in the dual system in Hamburg. Its experts coordinate the cooperation with the trainers in the training companies at the state vocational school. They also gained experience in transferring best practices regarding the dual system from Germany to other countries, including Italy (project SWORD – 2014-1-IT01-KA200-002432).

GRONE NETZWERK HAMBURG (DE) is a non-profit organization providing children and youth welfare services, part of the Grone School Foundation, with over 70 sites in 13 German federal states. Its distinctive mark is creativity, that is, connecting elements of “old school” with “freestyle” and offering a huge range of chances to qualify for career development or to further studies. Highly experienced in VET counselling, they work at the interface between apprenticeship and employability. Since 2005 they are recognized as a pioneer -municipally and nation-wide-, working actively in programmes dealing with “accompanied apprenticeship” for Youngsters with fewer opportunities. Grone Netzwerk Hamburg is also involved in ERASMUS KA1, offering a Placement in the EU for disadvantaged apprentices.

BFI-OÖ (AT) is one of the largest Austrian VET players, with some 1.400 employees, over 51.000 trainees, active in 45 sites in 5 Austrian regions. Private, not for profit, its educational activities especially focus on training schemes aimed at the (re-)integration of unemployed persons or persons disadvantaged in the labour market. BFI-OÖ currently trains over 1.600 apprentices per year in many fields. Since initial VET in Austria is done on a dual basis together with companies, BFI-OÖ has gained a profound expertise in tailoring apprenticeship training to SMEs’ needs. In adult vocational training BFI steps in as a training provider within the framework of a training alliance, where companies can train apprentices at BFI where the knowledge and skills laid down for the apprenticeship occupation cannot be fully imparted in the company itself.

AFPA (FR) is a primary training agency in France, accompanying active adults along their work life, from access to the market labour to career development, re-training, or re-placement. They are also members of French Employment Services, taking part in the implementation of public employment polices together with the National Agency Pôle employ. At a national level, AFPA employs over 8.000 people, trains yearly over 140.000 people, has site all over France and serves over 5.000 companies.

CONFCOOPERATIVE UDINE – ASSOCIAZIONE COOPERATIVE FRIULANE (IT) is a regional association, gathering some 300 cooperatives in region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, with over 10.000 employees. Usually these are labour intensive and often they employ workers with special needs, such as physical or mental disadvantage, or foreign workers. Moreover, they are often small size (< 50 workers) and can afford only limited resources to welcoming new apprentices. The association acts therefore as an umbrella organization for them, supporting both the cooperative and the workers in gaining the know how he/she will need to successfully continue a job career. CONFCOOPERATIVE UDINE supports SMEs to access funding opportunities, specially helping participation of youth to work. They also normally provide information about apprenticeship to their associates.

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