It is commonly agreed that apprenticeship, as well as other forms of work-based-learning,
provide young and adults with skills fulfilling employers’ needs
and facilitates transition from school to work.
But on the other side, companies need efficiency and effectiveness,
motivated employees with less necessary supervision,
plus support and encouragement to host and employ apprentices


SET-APP is meant to develop a supportive business environment, offering practical assistance to SMEs, by making chambers of commerce, employer organisations and trade unions, sectoral federations, VET providers and public employment services cooperate to promote an apprenticeship culture.
SET-APP addresses all stakeholders involved in programming, delivering, assessing apprenticeship


SET-APP targets the improvement of capacity building of intermediary bodies supporting apprenticeships in SMEs.

Its main objectives are:

  • embettering competences of partners and intermediary organisations, through sharing, exchanging practices, training, improving social visibility and knowledgeability of apprenticeship
  • providing partners and intermediary organisations with tools supporting their role (like a web platform for matching demand and supply, quality measurement tools, etc.)
  • providing for sustainability and “critical mass” to intermediary organisations action, through local agreements in favour of apprenticeship


SET-APP focusses on

  • how to improve and enforce the functioning of apprenticeship systems
  • how to make apprenticeship a more interesting and attractive tool for the SMEs


To this aim, starting from a comprehensive framework analysis, SEt-APP will devise:

  • local agreements in favour of apprenticeship among stakeholders
  • a set of training material to favour engagement of SMEs in apprenticeship
  • a web platform, giving visibility to companies wishing to train and employ apprentices
  • a number of promotional events, activities, and awards for companies and apprentices, to engage SMEs in using apprenticeship
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